New York Waterway Mill Basin Cargo Shipping Yard - 2777 Flatbush Ave, Brooklyn, NY

On a recent project we partnered with New York Waterway NYC involving the use of our crane and rigging services. Our team was responsible for efficiently and safely unloading a new cargo ship carrying various materials and loads.

We provided valuable assistance with the loading and unloading operations, ensuring that each task was executed with precision and care. To guarantee the stability and safety of the operation, our engineering team conducted thorough geotechnical assessments and crane engineering analyses. This allowed us to determine the ground's capacity to withstand outrigger pressure.

Additionally, our team provided the client with detailed outrigger cribbing plans, adhering to the correct NYC DOB code and utilizing the expertise of our Master riggers and appropriate rigging equipment. The combination of meticulous planning, adherence to safety regulations, and the skillful use of our specialized equipment led to remarkable results.

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New York Waterway Mill Basin Cargo Shipping Yard
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